In order to receive text alerts in Bonzi Team you first must enter your phone number and information into the Bonzi Team platform.

Follow the instructions listed below to successfully add your phone number in Bonzi Team:

1. Click on your Name in the upper right hand corner of your window.

2. Choose My Settings in the pull down menu.

3. Click Profile

  • Using the scroll bar on the right side of the screen scroll down until you find the area for Contact Information.

4. In the spaces provided choose Phone Type (i.e. home, mobile, etc), insert the Phone Number, and choose Phone Carrier in order to receive text message alerts.

  • It is very important to include the phone carrier if you want to receive text messages.

5. Click Save in the upper right corner of the expanded information panel when done.

Sending Text Messages to a Roster Member

To send a text message to another roster member follow the steps listed below:

1. Click your Roster tab

2. Click on the Name of the Roster Member you which to send a text message

3. Click Send Text, which will appear to the right of their profile picture if they have added a phone number to their BonziTeam account. A window will appear where you can add your message.

4. The Send SMS to Bonzi Team window will appear. Add your Message.

  • You have a 140 character limit per text.

5. Click Send when you have completed your message.