2020 Cash Calendar Fundraiser

"Why is fundraising so important"? On average it costs more than $145 per player each season to have the kids play. In order to try and keep registration costs down, fundraisers are critical. In addition to our regular expenses, fundraiser monies help to implement new capital projects like the Paloma scoreboard, ball field renovations, batting cages, etc.

Simply put, our League would not survive without fundraising. Whether its one calendar or twenty, every dollar goes back into helping make our league better. Thanks to you all for helping us, and the kids to make these things happen.

Remember, Cash Calendars can be sold up to Closing Day so……

Sell them all season long!

To get additional Cash Calendars, please ask your coach for more or visit the Little League Snack Bar at Paloma Creek Park. For questions regarding the cash and prize calendar, please contact


Daily Winners List
Note: winners are drawn weekly, every Sunday.
Check back regularly for updated results.
3/14 Saturday $250 Jon Cook
3/15 Sunday $50 Autumn Martin
3/16 Monday $30 Maribel Ramos
3/17 Tuesday $30 Lisa Marie Donnahoo
3/18 Wednesday $30 Maribel Leon
3/19 Thursday $30 Paul Benedix
3/20 Friday $30 Wynette White
3/21 Saturday $100 Cheryl Skelton
3/22 Sunday $50 Ryan Faries
3/23 Monday $30 Marrissa Pelletier
3/24 Tuesday $30 Tony Bianucci
3/25 Wednesday $30 Marlea Lyon
3/26 Thursday $30 Tony Gordon
3/27 Friday $50 Mark Hall
3/27 Friday Player Prize Julian Cortez
3/28 Saturday $100 Cliff Kirkpatrick
3/29 Sunday $50 Kimberly Babcock