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Jan, 2022


Online registration is still open -- the last day to register is January 21.  If you haven't registered yet, please do so ASAP!  And if you know of anyone who wants to play baseball but isn't getting the email announcements, please direct them to and let them know that online registration is still open.

Important Dates
Assessments are scheduled for Saturday, January 29.  Assessments are MANDATORY for 9-12-year-olds. See below for more information.
Practices start the week of February 14.  You can expect to hear from your child's coach no later than Sunday, February 13.
Opening Day is scheduled for Saturday, March 12.

Coaches Needed
Thanks to all of you who have signed up to coach so far.  We have more than enough volunteers for the majors division.  However, we are severely short-handed in the minors, rookie and farm divisions.  Please consider volunteering to coach -- if we don't have enough coaches soon we will have to reduce the number of teams we run and begin issuing refunds (which means that some kids will not get to play baseball this year).

USA Bats
All bats used in practices or games MUST have the the USA stamp on them.  This is a Little League-wide rule.  If you plan to purchase a bat, make sure it has the USA stamp on it!!!

As noted above, assessments will be held on Saturday, January 29 and are mandatory for all kids ages 9-12.  In addition, 8-year-olds who are interested in playing minors are welcome to assess at that time.  Stay tuned -- a detailed message with more information about assessment times and location will be sent out at a later date.  In case of rain, we will hold assessments on the following Saturday, February 5.

Majors and Minors Eligibility
Kids aged 8-11 are eligible to play in the Minors division.  Players are drafted onto teams based on their assessment scores.  8-year-olds who assess and display exceptional skills may be drafted into minors, but the majority of 8-year-olds will be placed on a farm team (regardless of whether they registered for minors).  

Kids aged 10-12 are eligible to play in the Majors division.  Players are drafted onto teams based on their assessment scores.  10-year-olds who display exceptional skills may be drafted into majors, but the majority of 10-year-olds will play in minors (regardless of whether they originally registered for majors).  

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