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Jun, 2023

11U All Star Tournament - Scorekeepers

The training for volunteer scorekeepers is June 12th in Nipomo.  Please fill out the below form so we can place you into a job on a specific day and field.  
As a reminder the games schedule are (one game per day):

Monday June 19th 5:30pm (arrive 5pm) 
Tuesday June 20th 5:30pm (arrive 5pm) 
Wednesday June 21st 5:30pm (arrive 5pm) 
Thursday June 22nd 5:30pm (arrive 5pm) 
Friday June 23rd 5:30pm (arrive 5pm) 
Saturday June 24th 9am (arrive 8:30am) 
Sunday June 25th (arrive 8:30am) 
Monday June 26tth 5:30pm (arrive 5pm) 
Tuesday June 27th 5:30pm (arrive 5pm) 
Wednesday June 28th (Maybe) 

Sign up at the form link below for the 11u tournament we are hosting:
Send an e-mail to Chelsea if you have any questions[email protected]

Thank you all in advance!! 

A.L.L. Board

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