2024 Cash Calendar Fundraiser

"Why is fundraising so important"? On average it costs more than $145 per player each season to have the kids play. In order to try and keep registration costs down, fundraisers are critical. In addition to our regular expenses, fundraiser monies help to implement new capital projects like the Paloma scoreboard, ball field renovations, batting cages, etc.

Simply put, our League would not survive without fundraising. Whether it's one calendar or twenty, every dollar goes back into helping make our league better. Thanks to you all for helping us, and the kids to make these things happen.

Remember, Cash Calendars can be sold up to Closing Day so……

Sell them all season long!

* Cash Calendar ticket winners your winning will be mailed to you.
* Player prizes please pick up your gift card at the snack bar at Paloma during games.
* Player prizes will NOT be mailed out this year so don't forget to get you prize by closing day

To get additional Cash Calendars, please ask your coach for more or visit the Little League Snack Bar at Paloma Creek Park. For questions regarding the cash and prize calendar, please contact

Fundraising Coordinator Kat Belt


Daily Winners List

Note: winners are drawn weekly and posted every Sunday.

Check back regularly for updated results.
DateDay Winner PrizePlayer Team 
 March 9
 SaturdayDavid Lomeli
$250 Max Neilson
 March 10 SundayMargaret Hall
$50Jonas GardnerOrioles/Minors
 March 11Monday Rick Laguna
 $30Hunter Laguna 
March 12TuesdayGunner Kincade
 $30Gunner KincadeIron Birds/Farm
March 13 WednesdayHoff Family
 $30Joshua JenningsMets/Minors
March14ThursdayDeanna Funk$30 Noah GardnerAngels/Majors
March 15
 FridayCatherine Sclimenti
 $50Declan Ransom
 March 16SaturdayMichael Boyce
 $100Jameson TomacRiver Cats/Rookie
March 17 SundayMary & Kyle Gardner
 $50Jonas GardnerOrioles/Minors
March 18Monday John Mankins  $30 James MankinsPirates/Minors 
March 19TuesdayAaron Powell $30Mason Powell Grizzlies/Rookie 
March 20 WednesdayPatrick Keefe $30Dane Keefe
March 21 ThursdayKeaira Ward  $30 Carson ManzanarezAngles/Majors 
March 22 Friday Kevin Myers $50 Hunter HerndonBraves/Majors 
March 23 SaturdayJeff Hall  $100Noah Gardner Angels/Majors 
March 24 Sunday Heather Tarango $50Andrew Tarango  Marlins/Minors
March 25 Monday Joan Keefe $30 Dane KeefeA’s/Majors 
March 26 Tuesday John Mankins $30 James MankinsPirates/Minors 
March 27 Wednesday Larry Benner $30Dane Keefe A’s/Majors 
March 28 Thursday Eric Robles (donation) $30Max Neilson Diamondbacks/Minors 
 March 29 FridayMichael Beck $50Charley Jackson
Blue Rocks/Farm 
March 30 SaturdaySteve Drake  $100 Barrett DiPrimaRiver Cats/Rookie 
March 31 Sunday Hannah Warren $50Seth Warren Red/Minors 
April 1 MondayWendy Fisher $30 Caleb Hendricks Iron Pigs/Farm
April2 Tuesday Jennifer Faetz $30Reagan Kirkby  Angels/Majors
April 3 WednesdayRamon Sandoval  $30 Kashton Wilson-Murry Rivercats/Rookie
April 4 Thursday Tammy Holder $30 Parker Holder Yankees/Majors
April 5 Friday Justin Wickersham $50 Dylan WickershamRockies/Minors
April 6 Saturday Trent Lone $100 Max NeilsonDiamondbacks/Minors 
 April 7 SundayCrystal Escobar  $50 Easton WoodmanBrewers/Minors 
 April 8Monday  Mike Willoughby  $30Joshua Jennings  Mets/Minors
 April 9 Tuesday Jeran Van Alfen $30Tyler Van Alfen
 April 10 WednesdayAubrey Gardner  $30 Noah Gardner Angels/Majors
 April 11 Thursday Michelle Sommers $30 Jeffrey HammIronbirds/Farm 
 April 12 Friday Mitzi Andahl $50Jonah Waelty
 April 13 SaturdayMelissa Neilson  $100 Max NeilsonDiamondbacks/Minors 
 April 14 Sunday Alex Cooper $50 Adam Rawlings Bats/Farm
 April 15 Monday Heather Tarango $30 Andrew Tarango Marlins/Minors
 April 16 TuesdayDea Woodman
 $30 Easton WoodmanBrewers/Minors 
 April 17 WednesdayAubrey Gardner  $30Noah Gardner
 April 18 Thursday Josh Berg $30 Aiden Berg Brewers/Minors
 April 19FridayKamil Baranowski  $50Daniel Kenyon Iron Pigs/Farm
 April 20 Saturday Shannon Wolverton $100 Skyler Wolverton A’s/Majors
 April 21 Sunday Charley Ault $50RJ Geiger  Yankees/Majors
 April 22Monday  $30  
 April 23 Tuesday  $30  
 April 24 Wednesday  $30  
 April 25 Thursday
 April 26 Friday  $50  
 April 27 Saturday  $100  
 April 28 Sunday  $50  
 April 29 Monday $30  
 April 30 Tuesday  $30  
 May 1 Wednesday  $30  
 May 2 Thursday  $30
 May 3 Friday  $50  
 May 4 Saturday  $100  
 May 5 Sunday  $50  
 May 6 Monday  $30  
 May 7 Tuesday  $30  
 May 8Wednesday  $30  
 May 9Thursday  $30  
 May 10Friday  $50  
 May 11Saturday  $100  
May 12 Sunday $50   
May 13 Monday $30  
May 14 Tuesday  $30   
 May 15Wednesday  $30   
 May 16Thursday  $30  
 May 17Friday $50  
May 18Saturday


Opening day WINNERS for Cash calendar’s 2024

Top INDIVIDUAL in each division who sold the most won a $250 Dick’s Sporting Good

Rookies: Barrett DiPrima on the River Cats sold 28
Farm: Logan Rogers on the Bats sold 45
Minors: Maxwell Neilsen on the Diamondbacks sold 125
Majors: Noah Gardner on the Padres sold 111

Top TEAM in each division who sold the combined most won $250 towards end of the year party
Rookies: River Cats sold 71 total
Farm: Iron Birds sold 79 total
Minors: Diamondbacks sold 141 total
Majors: Angels sold 155 total

Other Sellers over 100: 
Jonas Gardner in Minors with Orioles with 111

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