2023 Cash Calendar Fundraiser

"Why is fundraising so important"? On average it costs more than $145 per player each season to have the kids play. In order to try and keep registration costs down, fundraisers are critical. In addition to our regular expenses, fundraiser monies help to implement new capital projects like the Paloma scoreboard, ball field renovations, batting cages, etc.

Simply put, our League would not survive without fundraising. Whether it's one calendar or twenty, every dollar goes back into helping make our league better. Thanks to you all for helping us, and the kids to make these things happen.

Remember, Cash Calendars can be sold up to Closing Day so……

Sell them all season long!

* Cash Calendar ticket winners your winning will be mailed to you.
* Player prizes please pick up your gift card at the snack bar at Paloma during games.
* Player prizes will not be mailed out this year so don't forget to get you prize

To get additional Cash Calendars, please ask your coach for more or visit the Little League Snack Bar at Paloma Creek Park. For questions regarding the cash and prize calendar, please contact

Fundraising Coordinator Kat Belt


Daily Winners List

Note: winners are drawn weekly and posted every Sunday.

Check back regularly for updated results.
DateDay Winner PrizePlayer Team 
 March 18
 SaturdayHannah Brett$250 Logan Rogers
 March 19 SundayMonika Pock$50Carson SavinoGiants/Majors
 March 20Monday Cynthia Lane
 $30Liam Stradley
March 21TuesdayLinda Vasquez $30Brody ReynosoDiamondbacks/Minors
March 22 WednesdayCathy Bondarowicz $30Dane KeefePadres/Majors
March 23ThursdayDave Johnson$30  Seth WarrenMarlins/Minors
March 24
 FridayKaron Cotta Cushing
 $50Ganan Kehoe
 March 25SaturdayAnne Whitaker $100Carson WhitakerOriloes/Rookies
March 26 SundayMarshon Quiram $50Blake EversYankees/Minors
March 27Monday  Katie Barger $30Daxon Gonzalez Dodger/Farm 
March 28TuesdayJosias Salagan $30Theo Ansolabehere Giants/Rookie 
March 29 Wednesday Tony Colvin $30 Landon KunnleGiants/Rookie 
March 30 Thursday Romeo Gacusan $30Tommy (Romeo) Gacusan Nationals/Rookie 
March 31 FridayGeorge Woehlke  $50Mason Durkin Red Sox/Rookie 
April 1 SaturdayTerri Rodda  $100Levi Rodda Rockies/Farm 
April 2 SundayMaria Tarango  $50 Andrew TarangoAthletics/Farm
April 3 Monday  Heather Tarango $30 Andrew Tarango Athletics/Farm 
 April 4 TuesdayJohn & Denise Anderson  $30Jonas Gardner  Diamondbacks/Farm
April 5 Wednesday Tony Colvin $30Landon Kuhnle Giants/Rookie 
April 6 Thursday Heidi Azelton $30 Makenna AzeltonRockies/Minors 
 April 7 FridayMichael Bergin  $50Trevor Bergin  Cubs/Majors
 April 8 SaturdayMartin Gonzales  $100 Daxson GonzalesDodgers/Farm 
April 9 SundayMarlene Atkinson  $50Carson Whitaker Orioles/Rookie 
April 10 Monday Jennifer Mazzo $30O’Ryan Mazzo Red Sox/Rookie 
April 11 TuesdayLauren Meserve $30 Jonas GardnerDiamondbacks/Farm 
April 12 Wednesday Mike Grissom $30Robert Ansolabehere  Athletics/Farm
April 13 ThursdayKevin Barton $30Paul Spillan Majors/Cubs
April 14 Friday Kristin Thayer $50 Ezra FountainRangers/Farm
April 15 Saturday Jesse Sprouse $100Dallas Bohanna  Dodgers/Farm
 April 16 Sunday Aidric Lopez $50Logan Rogers  Dodgers/Farm
 April 17Monday   Rick &Steph Laguna $30Hunter Laguna Royals/Rookie 
 April 18 Tuesday Don & Niesje Rossi $30John Tilton
 April 19 Wednesday Andre Luevano $30Erik Franco Jr Orioles/Rookie 
 April 20 Thursday John Coffey $30Dane Keefe  Padres/Majors
 April 21 Friday Tracy Champion $50Logan Rogers Dodgers/Farm 
 April2 2 SaturdayBridgette Ward  $100Paul Spillan Cubs/Majors 
 April 23 SundaySean Wolfe  $50Braylon Wolfe Royals/Rookie 
 April 24 Monday Alana Brannon $30 Fox BrannonNationals/Rookie 
 April 25 Tuesday Michael Messer $30 Michael Messer Cubs/Majors
 April 26 Wednesday Leo Meyer $30Leo Meyer Orioles/Rookie
 April 27 Thursday Jennifer Kincade $30 Gunner KincadeAthletics/Farm
 April 28Friday George Lytle $50 Talon Shubin Red Sox/Rookie
 April 29 Saturday Debra Benjamins $100Logan Rogers
 April 30 SundaySteve Lampe  $50Ryan Lampe Diamondbacks/Minors
May 1MondayAaron Padilla  $30Barrett DiPrima Giants/Rookie 
May 2 TuesdayMaron Todaro  $30Clayton Todaro
Blue Jays/Majors 
May 3 Wednesday Troy Hart $30Charley Jackson
May 4 Thursday Steve Lampe $30Ryan Lampe Diamondbacks/Minor 
May 5 Friday Jodie Vallejo $50Fox Brannon Nations/Rookie 
May 6 SaturdayTroy Hart  $100Charley Jackson Orioles/Rookie 
 May 7 SundayKaren Borteld  $50Jonas Gardner Diamondbacks/Farm 
 May 8 MondayDonated back  $30 Hardy CamarenaPadres/Majors  
 May 9 Tuesday Evelyn Hardman $30 Logan RogersDodger/Farm 
 May 10 Wednesday Elizabeth Matarese $30 Paul SpillanCubs/Majors 
 May 11 Thursday Elena Geiger $30RJ Geiger Cubs/Majors 
 May 12 Friday Royce Ferriday $50Paul Spillan Cubs/Majors 
 May 13 SaturdayJordan Bohanna  $100 Dallas BohannaDodgers/Farm
 May 14 Sunday Ed Cox $50 Kade (KC) CoxPadres/Majors  
 May 15 Monday Denise Keefe $30Dane Keefe Padres/Majors 
 May 16 Tuesday Heather Tarango $30Maria Tarango  Orioles/Rookie
 May 17 WednesdayNick Medeiros  $30 Sam Pigeon Mets/Minors
 May 18 Thursday Jason Borges $30 Tristen RamosReds/Minors 
 May 19 FridayEd Cox  $50Kade (KC) Cox Padres/Majors
 May 20 SaturdayCarrie King  $500James King  Phllies/Majors


Opening day WINNERS for Cash calendar’s 2023

Top INDIVIDUAL in each division who sold the most won a $250 Dick’s Sporting Good

Rookies: Maria Tarango on the Orioles sold 57
Farm: Jonas Gardner on the Diamondbacks sold 72
Minors: Archer Todaro on the Astros sold 36
Majors: Dane Keefe on the Padres sold 84

Top TEAM in each division who sold the most won $250 for a movie and pizza party
Rookies: Orioles sold 191 total
Farm: Dodgers sold 189 total
Minors: Reds sold 63 total
Majors: Cubs sold 137 total

Opening day drawing (player prize)
Prize        Winner                 Team  / Division
$25 Big 5 Luke Rademaker (Red Sox/Rookies)
$25 Big 5 Ganan Kehol (Padres/Majors)
$25 Big 5 Weston Koznek (Padres/Majors)
$25 Big 5 Hudson Hazelhofer (Astros/Minors)
Big League Gum Leo Meyer (Orioles/Rookie)
Big League Gum Dallas Bohanna (Dodgers/Farm)
Baseball Bag Theo Ansolabehere (Giants/Rookie)
Baseball Bag Jonas Gardner (Diamondbacks/Farm)
Baseball Tee Logan Rodgers (Dodgers/Farm)
Baseball Tee Erik Franco Jr (Orioles/Rookie)

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