2022 Cash Calendar Fundraiser


"Why is fundraising so important"? On average it costs more than $145 per player each season to have the kids play. In order to try and keep registration costs down, fundraisers are critical. In addition to our regular expenses, fundraiser monies help to implement new capital projects like the Paloma scoreboard, ball field renovations, batting cages, etc.

Simply put, our League would not survive without fundraising. Whether it's one calendar or twenty, every dollar goes back into helping make our league better. Thanks to you all for helping us, and the kids to make these things happen.

Remember, Cash Calendars can be sold up to Closing Day so……

Sell them all season long!

To get additional Cash Calendars, please ask your coach for more or visit the Little League Snack Bar at Paloma Creek Park. For questions regarding the cash and prize calendar, please contact

Fundraising Coordinator Kat Belt




Daily Winners List

Note: winners are drawn weekly, every Sunday.

Check back regularly for updated results.
DateDay Winner PrizePlayer Team 
 March 12 Saturday Michael Romero$250 Spencer Peterson Royals 
 March 13 SundayTina Morris $50 Jackson Litten  Angels
 March 14 MondayCathy Bondarowicz  $30 Dane KeefeRockies (minors) 
 March 15 Tuesday Dana Cummings $30 Tommy Cummings Red Sox
 March 16 Wednesday Evelyn Page $30 Drake PageDodgers 
 March 17 Thursday Courtney McNerney$30  Will White Padres (majors)
 March 18 Friday Marge Gutsch $50 Michael Lyon Padres (majors)
 March 19 Saturday Jeff Koznek $100 Tucker Koznek Pirates
 March 20 SundayJana Byrd $50 Ethan Frazier Rockies (farm)
 March 21Monday Mechelle Medhurst  $30 Aksel Leschinsky Dodgers
 March 22 Tuesday Chelsey Maloney$30Carson CruceGiants (majors)
 March 23 Wednesday Lira Amaya $30 Max Neilson Padres (farm)
 March 24 Thursday Paul Benedix $30 Bronson Belt Orioles (minors)
 March 25 Friday Ben Steck $50 Will White Padres (majors)
 March 26 Saturday Jeff Koznek $100 Tucker Koznek Pirates/Minors
 March 27 Sunday Mary Kay Mills $50 Tucker Koznek Pirates/Minors
 March 28 Monday Sue Nash $30 Kaleb Volpi Pirates/Minors
 March 29 Tuesday Aaron Sanders $30 Eric Gonzales Reds/Rookie
 March 30 Wednesday Lindsey Bittner $30 Lucas Bittner Orioles/Rookie
 March 31 Thursday Joan Keefe $30 Luke Keefe Braves/Majors
 April 1 Friday Tori Loney $50 Cade Loney Giants/Majors
 April 2 Saturday Chance McComas $100 Dallas Bohanna Brewers/Rookie
 April 3 Sunday Gaylin Warner $50 Gavin Mikalauskas Cubs/Minors
 April 4 Monday Isaac Sanchez $30 Niko Sanchez Padres/Majors
 April 5 Tuesday Whitney White $30 Wil White Padres/Majors
 April 6 Wednesday Jeff Koznek $30 Tucker Koznek Pirates/Minors
 April 7 Thursday Mandi Page $30 Chase Page Cubs/Minors
 April 8 Friday Heather Tarango $50 Andrew Tarango Rockies/Farm
 April 9 Saturday Jim Moylen $100 Wil White Padres/Majors
 April 10 Sunday Kristina Fritz $50 Andrew Tarango Rockies/Farm
 April 11Monday  Marc Tarango $30 Andrew Tarango Rockies/Farm
 April 12 Tuesday David Brooks $30 Jayden Morin Braves/Majors
 April 13 Wednesday Suzanne Aubry $30 Jax Schachtell Phillies/Minors
 April 14 Thursday Haley McJunkins $30 Christopher Mikalauskas Giants/Rookie
 April 15 Friday Jana Byrd $50 Ethan Frazier Rockies/Farm
 April 16 Saturday David Ulibarri $100 Austin Ulibarri Cubs/Minors
 April 17 Sunday Nancy Minnis $50 Dylan Batchelor Astros/Farm
 April 18 MondayNick Bacila  $30Caius Jackson Padres/Farm 
 April 19 Tuesday Guy & Kelly Azelton $30 What Azelton Giants/Majors
 April 20 Wednesday Miranda Thompson $30 Logan Perry Astros/Farm
 April 21 Thursday Carrie White $30 Will White Padres/Majors
 April 22Friday Ryder Monell $50 Parker Holder A's/Minors
 April 23 Saturday Page Properties $100 Drake Page Dodgers/Majors
 April 24 Sunday Jen McEwen $50 Maddox McEwen Pirates/Minors
 April 25Monday Jeremy Jordan $30 Madix Henry A's/Rookies
 April 26 Tuesday Gaylin Warner $30 Gavin Mikalauskas Cubs/Minors
 April 27 Wednesday Sophia Treder $30 Hap Treder Cubs/Minors
 April 28 Thursday Navtej Singh $30 Mehraan Manes A's/Minors
 April 29 Friday Sheila Groom $50 Bennett Groom Tigers/Farm
 April 30 Saturday David Altamirano $100 Tucker Koznek Pirates/Minors
 May 1 Sunday Greyson Cox $50 Greyson Cox Padres/Farm
 May 2 Monday Fernando Medina $30 Brody Bentley Astros/Farm
 May 3 Tuesday Aaron Lambert $30 James Lambert Reds/Rookie
 May 4 Wednesday Susan Pigeon $30 Ben Pigeon Orioles/Rookie
 May 5 Thursday Diana Palomarez $30 Ayden Martinez Tigers/Farm
 May 6 Friday Heather Tarango $50 Andrew Tarango Rockies/Farm
 May 7 Saturday Linda Tedeschi $100 Mason Hagen Brewers/Rookie
 May 8 Sunday Mandi Page $50 Chase Page Cubs/Minors
 May 9 Monday Patty Shipsey $30 Tucker Koznek Pirates/Minors
 May 10 Tuesday Lisa Hance $30 Ethan Frazier Rockies/Farm
 May 11 Wednesday Bill Cereghino $30 Nick Cereghino Angels/Majors
 May 12 Thursday Evelyn Page $30 Drake Page Dodgers/Majors
 May 13 Friday Kendra Terrell $50 Leeym Burk Rockies/Farm
 May 14 Saturday Jeff Koznek $100 Tucker Koznek Pirates/Minors
 May 15 Sunday Connie Victorine $50 Tate Twisselman Phillies/Minors
 May 16 Monday Kris Keller $30 Kristina Wells Astros/Farm
 May 17 Tuesday Greyson Cox $30 Grayson Cox Padres/Farm
 May 18 Wednesday Lonnie Twissleman $30 Tate Twissleman Phillies/Minors
 May 19 Thursday Mike Coldren $30 Hudson Bentley Astros/Farm
 May 20 Friday Suzie Holder $50 Parker Holder A's/Minors
 May 21 SaturdayKristopher Stipech  $500AJ Reynoso Braves/Majors 

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